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Getting Started - Registering and Creating a Profile
Registering and Creating a Profile
1. How can I create a profile on InMatri.Com?

Registration on inmatri is very easy. All you need to do is log in to InMatri.Com and click on Free Registration. Fill in the registration form as accurately as possible and click on the Submit button.
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2. What do I have to pay to register on InMatri.Com?

Absolutely nothing! Membership is absolutely FREE. Registration, posting profiles and photos, accessing other profiles and use of almost all the features is free of charge.
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InMatri.Com also offer you Premium Services: a paid service for your specific needs. Check the Membership Options Section.
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3. How long does is take to register and create a profile on InMatri.Com?

Registration and Profile creation on inmatri can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
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4. The form is very lengthy? Do I need to update all details?

It is very important that you fill in the entire form and provide detailed information. The more information you provide about your self, more likely you are to receive responses from other members on the site. Remember you profile is your face to the world hence please do take some time and effort and provide us with complete details on the profile.

5. While registration, can I avoid providing information in compulsory fields?

No. All the compulsory fields have to be filled in order to complete the registration form. These compulsory fields provide essential information about you to other members who view your profile on the site.

Can you send me the proposals on two email addresses? (Current as well as alternate)?

No, we can send the proposals on only the Current email address mentioned by you on the form. You can however change your email address at any time if you wish to do so.

My religion / Caste / Community / Education / Occupation is not listed in the registration form of InMatri.Com? What should I do?

We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible while creating the list used in the registration form. But there is a possibility that a particular Religion / Caste / Community / Education etc may not be listed and hence we request you to use the “Others” option which is provided to you.

Also you can Write to Customer Service clearly listing the new addition that you would like us to make. We do not guarantee that the same will be incorporated but we shall try our level best to ensure that it is done.

While registration, I came across a field which asks me if I am a Manglik or no. What do I mention here?

The Manglik option mainly applies to the Hindu religion. In case of Hindu Weddings, it is preferred if a Manglik guy enters into a matrimonial alliance with a Manglik girl and vice versa. The Manglik option is important to those people who are particular about horoscopes. If you are not aware whether you are a Manglik or No, you may select the “Don’t Know “option as your answer. People who do not belong to Hindu Religion can mention the same as Don’t Know.

The registration form asks, me about my birth time and birth city, What should I mention here as I am not sure about these details?

This information is mainly required by people who believe in horoscopes as they can generate an automatic horoscope with the birth time and city and then match the horoscopes. If you are not aware about these details mention as 00:00. However, we recommend that you try and find these answers and enter them later.

Is my registration information confidential?

Your registration information such as your Phone number, Email ids and Address is absolutely confidential. This information will be provided only to the members in whom you have shown interest to take the alliance further or members that InMatri.Com customer support deem fit.

What needs to be mentioned in the User name on your registration form? Do I need to remember the same?

The User name identified your profile on our site. Every member on the site has a user name. You need to remember this user name as will require the same to log into InMatri.Com.

Can I log in to www.InMatri.Com with the Email address?

Yes, You can log in to www.InMatri.Com with the Email address mentioned at the time of creating the profile. You can also log in with the User name.

Are there any specifics that need to be considered while mentioning the user name?

Your user name can contain alphabets, numbers and underscore (_) character. Your user name should not contain information like Telephone Numbers, Email Address, Fax numbers etc. You are not allowed to use a Space in the User Name.

Are there any specifics while creating a profile on InMatri.Com?

Mention your contact details only in the contact detail fields. Do not display your contact details in the other fields and also do not mention any vulgar details on the profile. Be as detailed as possible while creating your profile.

How many profiles can I submit?

One profile is allowed for every registered member.

What are the benefits of registration on InMatri.Com?
  • You get lots of free services when you register with www.InMatri.Com
  • You can register your profile on the InMatri.Com for free.
  • You can also create a partners profile of the kind of person you are looking for.
  • You can add more information about yourself and your family.
  • You can upload your photograph on the site and make editions in the profile yourself.
  • You can search all profiles that match your requirement and also send Initial Contact to them.
  • You can respond to the people that contact you.
  • You can Accept and Decline Proposals received.
When I mentioned a particular user name, received an Pop-up asking me to mention another user name? Why is that so?
This is because the user name that you have mentioned is already chosen by another member of InMatri.Com. You need to choose an user name which is not yet been registered by another member of InMatri.Com.
Your registration form talks about mentioning the Looking for Details , what does this mean?

It is not compulsory, but you need to mention the details about what are your preference of a marriage partner with regards to Age, Height, Body, Education, Occupation, Marital Status, Religion, Case and Community, Income. Other members can view the Looking for details and if that matches their profile then they can Initiate a Contact with you.

These looking for details will be mentioned along with your profile on our website to all other InMatri.Com members.

Is it necessary to attach a photograph on the profile? How do I do that?

No. As per our statistics, the member response rate is 10 time higher for picture profiles.

You can submit the picture in three ways:

a) You can send us your photo via snail mail at:

Basement, Kapadia Apts,
Swastik Co-operative Soc. S.V.Road,
Vile Parle (W),
Mumbai - 400 056.

These photos will be scanned by us and put up along with your profile free of cost. Please mention your user ID and password on the back side of the photograph.

b) Upload photo online: If you already have a scanned photograph you can upload it directly to your profile (Jpeg/GIF format) when you are filling in your profile information. (Each file max size = 500 KB).

c) Email your photo: You can email scanned snaps (Jpeg / GIF format) to

Please mention your user ID and password in the main body of the email.

I and my sister, both want to create a profile on InMatri.Com. Can we use the same email address for both the profiles?

I am sorry but every profile requires to have a unique email id and you cannot create multiple profiles with the same email id. It will also be easy if you have two profiles with different email ids.


Mumbai:09821065980/67366736, Bhilai:09981541313

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