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Profile Management
1. How do I modify my profile?

You can edit most sections of your profile online. These changes occur instantly. As soon as you successfully login at, you arrive at the Member Home page where you are given the option to modify your registration. You need to use the option Edit Profile in the My Inmatri Section and edit the information like your height, body type, photograph, personal description, etc but you are not allowed to change the fields marked in Red (for eg User Name, Marital Status, Sex, Religion, and Date of Birth cannot be changed). If you wish to change the field marked in Red, Wite to Customer Service.

2. What do I do if I want to delete my profile?

In case you require to remove your profile from Write to Customer Service and mention a valid reason for removing the profile from our website. Alternatively you can call the Customer Service Team on +91-022-67366711/98210 65980 and request for Deletion.

3. How do I view my profile?

To view your own profile, login to with your User Id / Email Id and password. Refer the My Inmatri Section and then click on 'My Profile' to view the complete profile.

4. How long will it take to activate my profile?

Every profile on is screened before activating. This process will take 48 working hours. You will receive an intimation once your profile is activated.

5. How long will my profile be active?

Your profile will be active as long as you wish or till you get married.

Can I hide my profile for a few days?

Yes allows you to hide your profile for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days.

How can I hide my profile?

You need to click on the My Profile option in the My Inmatri Section and Hide the profile. You need to mention the no of days for which you would like to hide the profile and say Submit.

Can I selectively hide my profile from only some members?

No. If you choose to hide your profile then it will be hidden from all members of

Will I have to intimate to reactivate my profile ?

You would have specified the no of days when you wish to hide your profile for. Post that your profile will go LIVE automatically on the site. You need not give us a reminder.

I am already married to another member of Can I share this information with other members? How do I go about doing this?

We are very happy that you have already found a match for yourself. We would be very happy to receive details about your wonderful news and share it with other members of Your details will be posted in the Success Stories section of You can send us your success story to

How can I bee seen on the Home page of

If you are a premium member on the site, as a part of the premium services features, your profile will appear on the Home page on a periodic basis. reserves the right to choose the members and we do so in a totally unbiased fashion.

What should I do in case I do not want members with certain criteria to contact me?

You can set Filters for yourself. Use the My Filters option in the My Inmatri Section. Once you set the filters, only those members who match the criteria can contact you.

Can I set filters with all parameters?

You can set filters with Age, Marital Status, Religion and Country of Residence.

What should I do in case I require to change / update the Verified Contact Numbers?

You need to call the Customer Service Team on +91-022-67366711/9821065980 on all days from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm.


Mumbai:09821065980/67366736, Bhilai:09981541313

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