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1. Why should I add a photo to matrimonial profile?

As per our statistics, the member response rate is 10 times higher for picture profiles and hence we request you to add your photograph. The most viewed profiles are those that have a photo. So we advise you to attach a photo to increase your chances of finding your partner quickly.

2. How do I add my profile directly on the site?

Go to the My Inmatri Section and click on Upload Photo,you will be able to upload your photograph to your profile online.

You can always email or post us your photo if you want it updated on your profile

3. I got an error while uploading the photograph? What could be the reason?

The reason for error could be that, you have not selected the JPG format. Your photo needs to be in the JPG format as does not support other file formats.

4. I have already uploaded the photograph but I am not able to view the same? Why is that so?

We review all the photographs which are directly uploaded by the members and your photograph will be uploaded within 48 hours. Just as we allow all the members to directly upload the picture, we also reserve the right to remove/ delete the photographs. We apologize for the inconvenience in this regard.

At times there is a possibility that the picture was not uploaded due to some technical error and we therefore request you to re-upload the picture and follow the same procedure of uploading.

5. If I need to change my photo after some time, what do I need to do?

To change your photo on you need to have a scanned photo in JPG format. All you need to do is log in to with your user name / email id and password, choose the option of Upload / Change photo in My Inmatri Section and upload the new photograph.

The earlier photograph will automatically be replaced with the new photograph you uploaded.

Can I add more than one photograph on my profile?

Yes. allows you to upload a maximum of 2 photographs on the site.

How do I remove my photograph from the profile?

I am sorry you cannot delete you’re the photograph directly from the site. You can call the customer service team on +91-022-67366770/6771/6772 or Write to Customer Service.


Mumbai:09821065980/67366736, Bhilai:09981541313

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