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1. What are the benefits of Free membership?
  • You get lots of free services when you register with
  • You can update your profile on the for free.
  • You can also create a partners profile of the kind of person you are looking for.
  • You can initiate a contact with all members that match your requirement.
  • You can respond to the people that contact you.
  • You can add more information about yourself and your family.
  • You can upload your photograph on the site and make editions in the profile yourself.
  • You can search all profiles that match your requirement and also Initiate a Contact to them.
  • You can Accept and Decline Proposals received.
  • You can Receive Regular Update on any New Offers.
2. What is the meaning of Premium Membership?

Premium Membership means a paid membership with We have various packages and specialized benefits attached with every package. Premium Services have options which are tailor - made for your needs and budget A Premium Membership helps you find an ideal matrimony partner quickly and easily. Become a Premium member

3. What are the advantages of being a Premium Member?
  • will create the bio data.
  • You will receive proposals i.e. bio data of prospects that have already shown interest in taking the alliance further along with their email address.
  • Profile will be featured as a sample profile on the Home page on a periodic basis.
  • Members who browse / search through our database and who match your requirements will be shown YOUR bio-data amongst the top names in the search results. Additionally your bio-data will be given preference listing in search results while displaying. This ensures that your bio-data is adequately seen / displayed and you get the maximum number of responses from prospective matches.
  • You will receive the contact details once interest shown.
  • In case of a Premium Gold, customer support executive will act as a matchmaker and arrange for a preliminary meeting.
  • You can contact and send a personalized message to all members that match your requirement for a life partner.
  • Dedicate Customer Support from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm on all days.
4. What are the different Premium Memberships on

Check out the Membership Options Page to check out your options! Membership Options

5. Will I get the contact details if I become a premium member?

As a Premium Matrimonial Member you can use premium services and features that are not available to free members. However you will be given the contact details only when both of them have shown interest in taking the alliance further.

How can I contact other members?

All you need to do is go to the Search Options, enter your preferences and view all profiles. Once you find a profile suiting your requirement simply click on “Initiate Contact” option to send a communication.

Being a Free Member you cannot contact more than 50 members in a day.
Being a Paid Member you cannot contact more then 100 members in a day.

Can I contact members for free ?

Yes you can. allows you to contact potential partners for free. You can do this simply by using the “Initiate Contact” button found at the bottom of each profile. This will let the member know that you are interested in them. However, you will need to be a Premium Member to send personalized messages to other members. Your chances of getting a response increase if you send personalized messages and hence we recommend that you sign up for a premium membership. Become a Premium member Now

What is the meaning of Accepting or Declining a member on inmatri?

You may Accept or Decline contacts based on whether you like the initiating member’s profile or not. When you Accept a member's contact you are allowing that member to send messages to you. When you Decline a member you deny that member the chance to send messages to you.

How can I Accept/Decline a member?

It is really simple. All you need top do is log into your Account. Refer the My Account Section. You will see a list of profiles that have contacted you. If you click on the user name, the entire profile of that person will appear with two options: Accept and Decline at the bottom. You may click Accept or Decline as applicable.

Can I decline a member after accepting ?

Yes you can do that.

Can I accept a member, after declining him?

Yes you can do that.

Can I send a personalized message to a member on the site ?

If you are a Premium Member you can definitely send a personalized message.

Can I send messages and receive messages from members who have a free membership?

You can send a customized message to any member of irrespective of the kind of matrimonials membership package they are subscribed to. However, you must be a Premium Member to send customized messages.

Members who have a free subscription to can only contact or reply to messages that they receive from other Premium Members.

How will I know when someone tries to contact me?

As soon as one of our members contacts you, his/her message would be instantly transferred to the Email address which you had given when you registered with Alternatively , you can check the same in your My Account Section post you log in with your User name/ Email id and Password.

Can I get the contact details of a particular member on your site?

I am afraid but you will not get the contact details as you are not a premium member with

I saw a really good profile on Can the Customer Support Team of help me contact this member?

In case you liked a particular profile, you may use the Messaging option on the site. You can also call the Customer service numbers of who will assist you and establish a contact with that member on your behalf. (This will depend on the kind of membership chosen amongst the both members).


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